Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) interview

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I remember watching Hugh Laurie on television throughout my childhood. My brother and I used to howl with laughter at the hilarious characters he played in Jeeves and Wooster and Black Adder. It was only last year, that I discovered that he was in a very popular American TV series called 'House.' When I mentioned it to my boyfriend, who is Italian,he was surprised that I hadn't heard of and said that h'd really enjoyed it . As Kirsty Young says in this interview, House was a massive thing all over the world. Below I have listed some of the vocabulary that Kirsty Young (the interviewer) and Hugh Laurie use in the interview. I hope that you find it helpful. To listen to the interview - just click on the link below:

  • Straightforward


  • Marooning

To leave someone somewhere

  • championship


  • A rower

Somebody who rows

  • Scupered

To be ruined

  • A bout

A period of time

  • Gandular fever

An illness that causes tiredness

  • His stellar reputation

Extremely good reputation

  • Humiliation

A feeling of being unhappy or ashamed

  • Across the pond

Across the Atlantic

  • Blessed

Very lucky or grateful

  • I hear the beating of the wings

To be aware that time is passing

  • Brush by me

Passing very close to you

  • Destabilising

To create a feel of instability

  • Densely

Very compact

  • Intricate

Very complicated/detailed

  • Quite rightly


  • Such a scale

A huge amount/size

  • Black Adder

A 1980s British sitcom

  • Jeeves & Wooster

An early 1990s British comedy

  • Flitting across your face

Passing quickly across your face

  • Grumpy

In a bad mood

  • A spring in my step

To be feeling happy and confident

  • A state of bliss

To be very happy

  • Tire

To get tired of something

  • Auditioned

An 'interview' for a play/film

  • The script

The written text of a play/film

  • Notion

An idea

  • Up and till that point

Until that time

  • Jaw lines

The jaw bones

  • jagged

Something with a lot rough pointed parts

  • Tortured

Very upset or worried

  • A tin ear

Not hearing the difference between sounds

  • Cragginess

Attractively rugged and rough textured

  • Colluded

To work secretly with someone

  • Balding

To be losing hair (going bald)

  • What a rod for my own back

Something that causes problems

  • Stuff


  • Alleyway

A narrow passageway between buildings

  • Let’s look back …

Let's discuss something in the past

  • Modest

Not talking about what hey have  achieved

  • Self-effacing

Not claiming attention

  • The oars

A pole with a flat blade, used when rowing

  • A sock drawer

A drawer in a chest of drawers for socks

  • Been through a lot

To have experienced difficulties

  • Baubles

Decorations for a Christmas tree

  • Gloomy

  Unhappy/ seeing things negitively

  • Navigate

To find your way around

  • Sulk

To be silent or bad tempered

  • Didn’t apply myself

I didn't try hard

  • Frivolous

Silly - not serious or sensible

  • Going without

Not having something/ things

  • Privilege

A special right or advantage

  • Excel

To do well

  • Crust of bread

The hard, brown outer part of a loaf

  • Presbyterian ethic

Relating to ideas of the Christian Church

  • Flat (mood)

A bit down, depressed

  • Psychologist

An expert in the study of people's minds

  • Agitate

To shake things up

  • A bout of depression

A period of time when you feel depressed

  • Bleak

Without any hope or happiness

  • Haunting


  • A preacher

Job to give religious speeches

  • Clapping

To hit you hands together

  • Thrilled

Very happy

  • Goose bumps

Small lumps on the skin

  • Notes

From the voice or instrument

  • Transporting

Takes you somewhere

  • Firm friends

Very good friends

  • There and then

At that very moment

  • Cross


  • Inaugural

The first of a series

  • Hunky

A man who is physical strong and attractive

  • A moron

Someone who behaves stupidly

  • Exploited

To use a situation so that you benefit from it

  • Wrung

To twist fabric so that you remove liquid

  • Idiocy

Behaving in an idiotic way

  • Flop out

Appear easily

  • Landing

Catching (fish)

  • Gleaming

Shiny and clean

  • Provoke

Cause a reaction

  • By the by

By the way

  • Grim

Not very enjoyable

  • Tentative

Not confident

  • Inhibits

Stops you from doing things

  • Odd


  • A big cheese

An important person

  • The berk

A stupid person

  • Harder to buy it

Harder to believe it

  • Means

The money/income that someone has

  • Heartache

Great sadness/ worry

  • Exponential

Increasing or growing very fast

  • Mortifying

Extremely embarrassing

  • Nod

To move your head

  • Mocking

Making fun of

  • Sketches

Short acts

  • Decanter

A special glass bottle for alcohol

  • Self-effacing

To not want to talk about yourself

  •  Fascinated

Very interested in ...

  • Collaboration

To work with someone or other people

  • Take pride in ..

Happiness when someone does well

  • Delving into

Looking into something thoroughly

  • Throwing knives

Knives that you throw

  • Uncanny

Strange and mysterious

  • Knock the pip out of …

Hit the centre