It's raining, it's pouring

rain 2

It seems that our summer is over in London as we've had torrential downpours thisweek! It feels autumnal as temperatures have dropped and the wind has picked up. Yesterday, I saw a poor cyclist absolutely soaked to the bone. Luckily I haven't left my brolly anywhere, otherwise I'd be in the same boat!   When I get home, I'm going to warm up with a nice, hot bath.


To be over (phrasal verb)                                  To be finished

Torrential (adj.)                                                  Falling rapidly

A downpour (noun)                                           A large amount of rain

Autumnal (adj.)                                                  Related to Autumn

To drop (verb)                                                    To go down

To pick up (phrasal verb)                                   To increase

To be soaked to the bone (phrase)                  To be extremely wet

Brolly (noun)                                                       An umbrella

To be in the same boat (phrase)                       To be in the same situation

To warm up (phrasal verb)                                 To become warmer