Destination: Sardinia


This week me and Alessandro have been busy sorting out our holiday. We're heading out to Sardinia and taking my folks along too! I can't wait to swim in the glassy, emerald water again and savour the local delicacies!  We've been hunting around for a place to stay that's a stone's throw from the beach and we're looking forward to exploring the coast as well as lazing abouttaking it easy and recharging our batteries!


  • To sort out (phrasal verb)                                  

To organise          

  • To head out to (phrasal verb)                          

To go to

  • Folks (noun.)                                                        


  • Glassy (adj.)                                                          

Smooth and shiny like glass

  • Emerald (adj.)                                                        

Bright green in colour 

  • To savour (verb)                                                  

To enjoy the taste of something

  • A stone's throw from(phrase)                            

Very close to   

  • To hunt around for (phrasal verb)                      

To look for

  • To look forward to (phrasal verb)                      

To feel happy and exited about something.

  • To laze about (phrasal verb)                                

To do very little

  • To take it easy (phrasal verb)                              

To relax and enjoy yourself

  • To recharge your batteries (phrasal verb)        

To get energy again.