Get set go!


It's Sunday and I'm getting ready for our trip. I want to travel light and I'm determined not to stuff too much into my suitcase this time!  It would also be good to save some space for some tasty Sardinian treats.  I'm armed with suntan lotion and mosquito repellent and I've packed my bikini, beach towel and snorkel! I think I'm just about ready to set off at the crack of dawn tomorrow!


  • To get ready for (phrase)                      

To prepare for

  • A trip (noun)                                           

A holiday

  • Travel light (phrase)                              

To travel without lots of possessions

  • To stuff (noun)                                      

To fill something so that it is completely full

  • Treats (noun)                                          

Something nice to eat

  • To be armed with (phrase)                   

To be equipped with

  • Suntan lotion (noun)                              

Cream that protects you from the sun

  • Snorkel (noun)                                        

Equipment that allows you to breathe under water

  • To set off (phrasal verb)                        

To leave on a journey

  • Crack of dawn (phrase)                          

Very early in the morning