A magical place


I’d always wanted to go to Prague and I jumped for joy when Alessandro told me that we were going for my birthday. Our hotel was in the heart of the city and we had a cosy, attic room right at the top with wooden beams and a view down onto the street below. The lady in our hotel recommended a traditional restaurant and as we were walking across the town square, it struck me just how old the buildings were. I later found out that many date back to the 14th century and that although Prague was bombed at the end of World War II, it was destroyed to a lesser degree than many other places.
It is a truly beautiful city and a real feast for the eyes with the terracotta roofs, light green domes and a multitude of spires. It was much colder than Montenegro, where we’d just come from and it had quite a Chritmassy feel with twinkling lights and the stalls selling smoked pork and 'trdelnik', rolled pastry covered in sugar and cinnamon. Highlights included walking across Charles Bridge with its Baroque statues and watching the astronomical clock ‘spectacle’ that crowds of tourists gather to see. On the hour and the half hour, an automated mechanism is activated and twelve little wooden figures, representing the twelve disciples, appear through a small window and parade from left to right.  I could keep writing as there is such much to say about Prague but I recommend seeing it for yourself, if you haven’t been and I hope one day to go back.



  • to jump for joy  (phrase) 

To be very happy about something

  • in the heart of (phrase)

in the centre of

  • cosy (adj.)

A warm and comfortable place

  • attic (noun)

The space at the top of a house

  • beams (noun)

Long pieces of wood that used to be used to build houses.

  • to strike (verb)

When you suddenly have a thought or notice something. 

  • date back to (phrasal verb)

To have existed since a particular time.

  • to a lesser degree than (phrase)

not as much as

  • truly (adverb)


  • a feast for the eyes (phrase)

Something that is very impressive to look at.

  • terracotta (adj.)

A red brown colour

  • a dome (noun)

A roof that is shaped like the top half of a ball.

  • a multitude (noun)

A lot of something

  • a spire (noun)

The tall, pointed shape of a church or cathedral.

  • Christmassy (adj. slang)

Related to Christmas

  • to twinkle (verb)

If something twinkles, it is a light that shines.

  • a spectacle (noun)

An event that is exciting or amazing to watch.

  • to gather (verb)

When lots of people go to a place. This verb also has other meanings.

  • automated (adj.)

Something that happens because of a machine.

  • to represent (verb)

If somethings represents something else, it is made to look or seem like that thing.

  • the twelve disciples (noun)

The original twelve followers (apostles) of Jesus according to the Bible.

  • to parade (verb)

To walk as part of an organised group (usually to celebrate something). This verb also has other meanings.