A nice cuppa


I love tea, milky British style tea that’s just the right shade of beige! My personal penchant is PG Tips with a good splash of milk.  There’s nothing better than getting a hot mug of tea in bed on a Sunday morning and I think, most Brits would agree with me! However, a nice cuppa can be drunk at any time and I put the kettle on as soon as I get home - it’s the perfect antidote to a busy day. I’m not alone in loving a good brew and it’s the nations ‘comfort drink’, with more than 60 million cups being drunk every year! So to those of you that live in the UK -  have you succumbed to the joy of milky tea? Or are you still trying to fathom why we British are so obsessed with it? Let me know!


  •  milky  (adj.) 

A drink that contains milk. This adjective can also be used to describe a colour e.g milky white

  •  just the right (part of sentence)

the correct amount of something

  • shade (noun)

A particular form of a colour - how light or dark it is.

  • beige (noun)

A light brown colour

  • penchant (noun)

A special liking for something

  • splash (noun)

A small amount of liquid that is added to a drink or when cooking. This word also has other meanings. 

  • nothing better than (phrase)

There isn't anything superior to

  • mug (noun)

A cup (usually quite thick) with a handle that doesn't have a saucer

  • Brits (noun)

British people

  • cuppa (noun)

A cup of tea

  • put the kettle on (phrase)

To boil water in an electric device (especially for making tea)

  • antidote (noun)

Something that makes you feel better

  • to not be alone in something (part of sentence)

To not be the only person that does something

  • brew (noun)

A cup of tea

  • a comfort drink (noun)

People usually talk about 'comfort food', which is food that reminds you of home and provides a feeling of well-being. 

  • to succumb (verb)

To stop fighting against something, to be persuaded (to give in)

  • fathom (verb)

To understand something

  • obsessed (adj.)

To be constantly thinking about something in a way that seems extreme to other people