Christmas shopping


This year I've given in and started Christmas shopping online. It's just so easy! I signed up for Amazon's free trial of Prime and I couldn't believe it when the Amazon box arrived in the blink of an eye - it felt as if I'd just ordered it! I won't, however, continue my Prime membership as I like supporting London's bookshops Waterstones in Picadilly is one of my favourite places to go if I have a free couple of hours in central London - it's a quiet haven in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. I love the grand staircasecomfy armchairs and great selection of books that you can browse through and curl up reading for a couple of hours. It is apparently making a profit again after almost going under during the recession and it turns out that people do still really like buying real physical books as well as their digital counterparts.


  • to give in (phrasal verb)                    

To do something you have been trying not to do

  • to sign up for (phrasal verb)              

To add your name to a list

  • a free trial (adj + noun)                      

A period in which you receive something for free

  • in the blink of an eye (idiom)          

Very quickly

  • a haven  (noun)                                    

A safe place where you feel happy

  • hustle and bustle (phrase)                

Noisy and busy

  • staircase (noun)                                  

A set of stairs

  • comfy (adj.)                                          


  • to browse (verb)                                  

To look through

  • to curl up  (phrasal verb)                      

To sit in a comfortable position with your legs bent

  • a profit (noun)                                      

The amount of money you have made when you deduct what you have spent

  • to go under (phrasal verb)                      

To fail and stop operating

  • the recession (noun)                              

A period when trade and industry are not successful

  • counterpart (noun)                                

Something (or someone) that has the same job or function as something (or someone) else