Christmas is coming...


I can't believe that it's nearly Christmas! Time has just flown by and it feels no time at all since we were hanging baubles on the tree, eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine last year. There will be nine of us at my parents' house this year and I can't wait! My parents have got an open fire and I remember that we used to write our letters to Father Christmas in early December and then send them up the chimney. On Christmas eve, we'd leave some whiskey out for him and some biscuits for his reindeers. It was so exciting to wake up on the 25th and feel the weight of the stocking at the bottom of the bed. We'd then open all our presents and later have a big Christmas lunch with turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas pudding with brandy butter and of course, crackers!


  • To fly by (phrasal verb)                 

To pass by very quickly

  • A bauble (noun)                            

A shiny coloured ball used for decorating a Christmas tree

  • A mince pie (noun)                        

A traditional sweet Christmas pie filled with dried fruit etc

  • Mulled wine  (noun)                      

Wine that is heated and has sugar and spices added

  • Can't wait  (phrase)                        

To be looking forward to something, excited

  • An open fire (noun)                        

A fireplace with coal, wood etc

  • Chimney (noun)                              

A vertical channel that takes the smoke from a fire up and out from the roof

  • Christmas eve (noun)                    

24th December

  • A reindeer (noun)                          

An animal, a deer, that has large antlers

  • A stocking  (phrase)                      

A Christmas stocking is a large sock that children hang up on Christmas eve and is filled with presents during the night

  • Turkey (noun)                                  

A large bird that is similar to a chicken

  • Trimmings (noun)                          

The traditional accompaniments to a meal (stuffing, roast potatoes etc)

  • Christmas pudding (noun)            

A steamed pudding with dried fruit and spices

  • Brandy butter (noun)                      

An accompaniment to Christmas pudding - butter, sugar and brandy

  • A cracker (noun)                              

A decorated paper tube that makes a noise when you pull it apart. There is usually a hat, a toy and a joke inside