This week both me and the boiler have been out of sorts! I had to go to hospital to have an abscess removed and the boiler has broken down! I am recovering well but unfortunately the boiler is still out of order so we've been without hot water for a week! We phoned around for a plumber but they were all completely snowed under. Fortunately, I found out that there's a shower in Kings Cross station! It's clean and well-maintained and for a fiver you get a towel and a bar of soap. We eventually found a plumber and now I'm waiting in....


  • Out of sorts (phrase)                                  


  • An abscess (noun)                                      

A painful, swollen area     

  • A boiler (noun)                                              

A machine that provides hot water/central heating

  • To break down (phrasal verb)                      

To stop working 

  • Out of order (phrase)                                    


  • To be without (idiom)                                    

Not to have something that you usually have/ need

  • To phone around (phrasal verb)                  

To phone a lot of people/places 

  • To be snowed under (phrasal verb)             

To be extremely busy with work

  • A fiver (noun)                                                  


  • To wait in (phrasal verb)                                

To stay at home because you are expecting someone or something to arrive