Mind the gap!

tube map

I'm writing this on the tube. As I'm living a bit further out now I've been spending a bit more time travelling. Like other commuters, I like whiling away the time by reading, daydreaming or like now - jotting down ideas for this newsletter! I can see people having forty winksfiddling with their phones, catching up on news in Metro and tapping their toe to the music their listening to! Ok I have to go now- this is my stop!


  • further out (phrasal verb)                    

A greater distance from the centre

  • A commuter (noun)                              

Someone that regularly travels to and from work      

  • To while away (phrasal verb)                

To spend time in a idle or lazy way

  • daydreaming (noun)                              

A series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present

  • To jot down (phrasal verb)                    

To write something in a quick, informal way

  • To have forty winks (idiom)                  

To sleep for a short amount of time

  • To fiddle (verb)                                      

To touch something because you are bored or restless 

  • To catch up on (phrasal verb)                

To inform yourself of something that you have missed

  • To tap your toe to (phrase)                    

To repetitively touch your toe on the ground