Pronunciation of the 'V' sound

Words with a 'v' sound at the beginning

very     van     vast     verb     view     vote     visit     vision     victory     voice     village vegetable     vehicle     value

Words with a 'v' sound in the middle

cover     even     over     travel     level     never     develop     government    individual     never   service     provide     overtake (overtook)

Words with a 'v' sound at the end

love     believe     prove     save     have     give     solve     wave     receive     expensive     arrive   improve


1. It was very good value.

2. Is it a verb or a noun?

3. Let's visit that village!

4. Valerie went to vote

5. They overtook the vehicle in front.

6. It's a vast valley. 

7. Vincent has a nice voice

8. We've bought a lot of vegetables

9. She covered her face with the veil.

10. The government are providing more money for the scheme.

11. They had never developed such a good project before

12. He's at level five but he wants to get to level seven.

13. They persevered over and over again.

14. They traveled to Vietnam together.

15. Do you believe in love at first sight?

16. Keven surfed on the wave.

17. He gave her an expensive present.

18. The new version is an improvement.

19. The Vueling flight has arrived.

20. They've saved enough to buy a convertible.