Pronunciation of the /^/ sound

Pronuncation of the u sound

This is the short u sound that is made at the back of the mouth with the mouth open.

Words with 'u' in the middle

up, us, sun, nut, truck, hut, stuck, bus, butter, fun, bug,  run, stun, lunch, mug, summer, luck, Sunday, gun, struck, tunnel, tummy, mum.

Words with 'oo'

blood, flood

Words with 'ough

tough, enough, rough

Words with 'oe'

does, doesn't

Words with 'ou'

couple, cousin, touch, young, trouble, country, double, southern, 

Words with o (next to v)

love, lover, oven, dove, cover, glove, discover, government

Words with o (next to m)

come, comfortable, company, some, stomach, compass, accomplish, mother

Words with o (next to n)

London, honey, front, none, nothing, son, wonder, wonderful, one, done, another, once, onion, won

Words with o (between m and n)

month, monk, monkey, Monday, among

Other words with 'o'

colour, other, dozen, brother, thorough


one = won

some = sum

son = sun

none = nun

Here are some sentences to practise

1.         I’m going to get the bus

2.         Did you cut yourself?

3.         Good luck with your interview!

4.         What are your plans for the summer?

5.         It’s a lovely day! It’s so sunny.

6.         See you on Sunday!

7.         Did you hear that thunder?

8.         I didn’t have any reception when we went through the tunnel.

9.         Are you comfortable?

10.   Have you still got stomach ache?

11.   Did you meet her mother?

12.   Which month are you coming?

13.   They went to another party.

14.   Would you like some honey?

15.   I live in London.

16.   We don’t have any onions left.

17.   He’s her son.

18.   The little boy stuck out his tongue.

19.   I wonder what will happen…

20.   It was love at first sight.