Frosty Mornings


I looked out of the window on Wednesday morning and the garden looked picture-perfectwith all the sparkling icy frost. I wrapped up warm and braced myself for the sub-zero temperatures. It was bitterly cold and I buried my freezing hands in my sleeves, reminding myself to get some gloves. It’s been pretty chillyall over the UK this week and uncharacteristically colder in the south than the north. There’s been widespread frost and even heavy snow and blizzards in some places. Temperatures have plummeted to -9 in some regions and the wind is coming straight from the Arctic. Apparently we’re going to have the coldest winter for 9 years and maybe we’ll even have a white Christmas!


  • picture-perfect (adj.)

When something looks very good

  • sparkling (adj.) 

When something shines because light is reflected

  • frost (noun)

A thin layer of ice that forms during the night on the ground and surfaces.

  • to wrap up warm (phrase)

To wear clothes that keep you warm

  • to brace yourself for something (phrase )

To get ready for something unpleasant

  • sub-zero (adj.)

Temperatures that are lower than zero

  • bitterly cold (phrase)

Very cold

  • to bury (verb)

This verb has lots of meanings but in this sentence it means that I

put/hid my hands in my sleeves

  • sleeves (noun)

The part of a jumper or coat that covers your arms.

  • chilly (adj.)

When the weather is cold

  • uncharacteristically (adverb)

Something that is not typical

  • widespread (adj.)

Over a large area

  • a blizzard (noun)

A snow storm with strong winds.

  • to plummet (verb)

To go down quickly or by a large amount

  • A white Christmas (phrase)

A snowy Christmas



  • Fill in the missing words

  • They are all from the glossary above

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