Trump trumped

On Wednesday 2nd November, Donald Trump was elected as the new American president, taking over from Obama. He defeated Hilary Clinton, the Democraticcandidate after an aggressive campaign and his victory is extremely controversial . He became famous in the States as a reality-TV star and is the only American president not to have any political or military experience. He is incredibly wealthy, either a multi-millionaire or billionaire due to inheriting a fortune and then making more money through property and his ‘Trump’ brand. He seems to have tapped into an anger and desire for change that many Americans are feeling but his election has divided the country and tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating against his win this week.

Personally I feel that he is dangerous and unpredictable. He spread propaganda through social media to influence public opinion and the comments that he has made show that he does not believe in equality. I think that he’s likely to be ruthless to achieve his aims and who knows what the future holds ...but let's hope.


1. to trump (verb)
To win or succeed
2. to take over (phrasal verb) 
To take control of something
3. to defeat (verb)
To win against someone
4. Democratic (noun)
The Democratic party is an American political party that is traditionally more left-wing than the Republican party.
5. candidate (noun)
Someone that is trying to be elected
6. aggressive (adjective)
When a political campaign is aggressive, the candidates attack each other verbally
7. controversial (adjective)
Something that many people do not agree with
8. The States (noun)
9. wealthy (adj.)
Very rich
10. inherit (verb)
To be given something, such as money or property, from parents or relatives
11. to tap into (phrasal verb)
To discover, understand and use something
12. to demonstrate against (verb + prep)
To express strong disagreement about something
13. propaganda (noun)
False or exaggerated Information that are produced to support a political leader or candidate
14. influence(verb)
To affect someone/something
15. ruthless (adjective)
To make decisions that might hurt other people because you are determined to get what you want
16. what the future holds (phrase)
What will happen in the future.