A few weeks ago I met some friends for breakfast at a local café on Sunday. It was a beautiful crisp Autumn day so we decided to go to Broomfield park, just nearbynearby afterwards. It’s quite a special park as it has an orchard and a conservatory, neither of which I’ve seen in any other London parks. There just happened to bean apple festival going on in the orchard so we decided to have a gander and wondered down the little path and through the gate. It was a lovely sight as it was full of apple trees, bearing beautifully riperipe fruit. The orchard is set apart from the rest of the park and surrounded by trees so it actually felt like we were in the middle of the countryside! There was a band playing and tables set up around the place. On one of the tables, there was a man that had about ten different types of apples laid out in front of him. There were ‘ribston pippins’, ‘howgate wonders’ and ‘egremont russets’ to name a few and he was slicing off pieces for people to try. At another table, there were people making apple juice by crushingcrushing the apples in a press. Children were allowed to turn the handle and they were excitedly watching the juice run out of the spout. So if you are in London next October, I recommend a trip to Broomfield park!


  • crisp (adjective)

If weather is crisp, it is cold but sunny.

  • nearby (adverb) 

Not far (the same as the adjective 'near' but used after a noun.)

  • afterwards (adverb)

After something you have mentioned.

  • An orchard (noun)

An area with lots of fruit trees.

  • conservatory (noun)

A glass building. The conservatory in Broomfield Park has lots of exotic plants.

  • there just happened to be (part of sentence)

Used when you do not know about something in advance

  • To have a gander (phrase - informal)

To have a look

  • To wonder (adj.)

To walk somewhere slowly

  • To bear (verb)

To produce. This verb has different meanings but it can be used to describe trees that create fruit or flowers.

  • ripe (adj.)

When fruit or vegetables are ready to be eaten.

  • To set apart (phrasal verb)

To be separate from something else.

  • Set up (phrasal verb)

To be put in a particular place. This word also has other meanings.

  • laid out (phrasal verb)

To be spread out on a surface

  • To name a few (phrase)

To give some examples of something

  • slice off (phrasal verb)

To remove something by cutting it

  • crush (verb)

To press something hard. This word also has other meanings.

  • A press (noun)

A piece of equipment that puts pressure on something. An apple press has a wooden board that lowers when a handle is turned.

  • A spout (noun)

A part of a container that is used for pouring liquid.