sarah hyndman
sarah hyndman

10th June 2016

As some of you know, I grew up in Stoke Newington (known as Stokey) in north-east London. It's a great area and has quite a villagey vibe about it. Last week there was a Lit Fest and a whole host of events. I went to a talk called 'Type Tasting' given by graphic designer and typography expert, Sarah Hyndman.

date 2
date 2

She has just written a book called,'Why Fonts Matter'. It was a really fun event and she explained how each font has its own personality and conveys something different. We played a 'sniffing' game and had to match smells, like lavender and chilli, to different fonts. Change the type face, and perceptions of tastes can actually be altered - jaggerdy fonts can make something taste saltier or sourer while a curvier font can accentuate sweet flavours. She also asked us which font we would 'date, ditch or just be good  friends with'!   As you can imagine, opinions varied but 'Brody' was the least favourite and described as an 'unstable wannabe'! At the end of the talk, I asked Sarah what personality she felt my logo had. "Friendly and approachable", she replied so I went home happy that me and my logo are on the same page!


  • villagey (adj - informal)

Like a village

  • a vibe (noun)

An atmosphere

  • a Lit Fest (noun)

A literary festival

  • a whole host of (phrase)

A lot of something

  • typography (noun)

The study of printed letters and words

  • to convey (verb)

To communicate words or feelings indirectly

  • to sniff (verb)

To smell something

  • perception  (noun)

 The way people see things

  • to alter (verb)

 To change something

  • jaggedy (adj. informal)

 A shape with sharp angles (jagged)

  • sourer (adj.)

 The comparative adj. of sour, (a lemon taste)

  • to accentuate (verb)

 To make a quality that something has stronger

  • to ditch (verb - informal)

 To leave someone that you are in a relationship with

  • unstable (adj.)

  If someone is unstable, they are not secure

  • a wannabe (noun)

Somebody that wants to be someone else

  • to be on the same page (phrase)

 To have the same ideas about something