A weekend away


22nd April 2016

Last summer, a beautiful photo of Slovenia caught my eye on Facebook. It stayed with me and so I suggested going there when my boyfriend asked me where I wanted to escape to. Luckily he took to the idea and we booked our flights and found a little place to stay. Although I live in London, I've always felt more like a country bumpkin at heart and I just love being in the countryside.  We were really lucky with the weather and it felt as if we'd just stepped into summer.  It was 'Heidi' land with bright green grass, snowy mountain peaks and blue skies.  Somehow we managed to pack so much into each day and I've definitely come back with a spring in my step!


  • to catch s.o's eye (phrase)

To notice something

  • to stay with s.o (phrase)

To remain in someone's memory

  • to escape (verb)

To go on holiday (informal)

  • to take to smth (phrasal verb)

To like the idea of something

  • a country bumpkin (noun)

Someone that has grown up in the countryside

  • at heart (phrase)

To say what someone is really like

  • stepped into  (verb + prep)

To move somewhere (figurative)

  • Heidi (noun)

The name of a female fictional character that lived the Swiss Alps.

  • peak(noun)

The top of a mountain

  • pack into (phrasal verb)

 To fit a lot of activities into a short period of time.

  • a spring in s.o's step (phrase)

To feel happy and full of energy