On the move...

ambulance 2

We’ve been flat-hunting again this week as unfortunately our landlady decided to sell our flat. We were given two months notice and luckily we’ve managed to find a place just in the nick of time. It’s got a south-facing terrace at the back so we’re looking forward to barbecues, alfresco dining and sunbathing – when it gets a bit warmer! We’ve been watching a fantastic programme on tele called ‘Amazing Spaces’ and I've been daydreaming about creating some kind of small  multifunctional space. George Clark, the presenter, takes us to a world where there are an abundance of weird and wonderful ideas. My favourite was the converted vintage ambulance that but I also really liked the cocktail bar made from a Landrover and the little woodland cottage made from mudstrawclay, sand and water. One day.....



  • to be given notice (phrase passive)        

To be told that you have to leave rented accommodation

  • just in the nick of time (phrase)          

Just in time (at the last moment)

  • south-facing (adj. )                                

Facing towards the sun

  • alfresco (adj.)                                         


  • sunbathe (verb)                                    

To lie in the sun.

  • tele (noun)                                              


  • multifunctional (adj.)                            

Something that does different things or has different uses.

  • an abundance (noun)                             

A lot of something

  • converted (adj.)                                    

To be used for another purpose

  • vintage (adj.)                                          

An old object that has style

  • Landrover (noun)                                  

A type of vehicle, particular used for off-road travel

  • woodland (adj.)                                      

Within a wood or forest

  • mud (noun)                                              

Wet earth that is very soft

  • straw (noun)                                            

Dried stems of wheat and other grain plants

  • clay (noun)                                              

A type of earth that is used for pots, plates etc