Pigs and pearls


15th January 2016

I went to a great little tapas place on Saturday called, 'The Black Pig with White Pearls.' I was meeting some friends and we fancied going somewhere new so I browsed around online and came across their site. I was immediately drawn to the name, the cool graphics and the music that serenades you as soon as you click on the link. We had a good old chinwag over some melt-in-the-mouth Iberico ham, tentically octopus, black squid ink rice and other scrumptious specialities. If you are ever in Stoke Newington, I recommend having a taste of southern Spain at this cosy, authentic eatery.


  • to fancy  (verb)                                            

To like the idea of something

  • to browse around  (phrasal verb)                

To look around

  • to come across (phrasal verb)                     

To find

  • to be drawn to   (verb passive)                    

To notice something

  • to be serenade (verb passive)                    

When someone plays music for you

  • good old (adjective)                                      


  • a chinwag (noun)                                           

A chat

  • melt-in-the-mouth (adj)                                

Something that dissolves in your mouth and tastes very good

  • tentacally (adj - slang)                                   

Something that has lots of tentacles

  • squid ink  (noun)                                          

The black liquid that comes from a sea creature

  • scrumptious (adj)                                          


  • authentic (adj)                                                

Real, not false or copied Exercise