A boost of vitamins

smmothy 2

I was delighted when I ripped off the gold and red wrapping paper on Christmas day and uncovered a blender! I'm sure it isn't everyone's cup of tea but I'd had my heart set on getting one for ages so I was as happy as Larry! Starting the day with a boost of vitamins is in line with my quest for a healthy 2016 and so although I don't usually follow the crowd, I'm happily jumping on the bandwagon and joining the green juice craze!


  • to rip off  (phrasal verb)                                          

To remove something very quickly with a lot of force

  • wrapping paper (noun)                                          

Decorative paper that is used for covering presents

  • a blender (noun)                                                      

A piece of kitchen equipment that purees or liquidises food

  • not to be someone's cup of tea (idiom)                

If something isn't your cup of tea, you do not find it interesting                     

  • to have your heart set on smth  (phrase)              

To really want something

  • to be as happy as Larry (idiom)                              

To be very happy

  • a boost (noun)                                                          

An increase of something

  • in line with (phrase)                                                

To be in alignment with

  • quest (noun)                                                            

A search for something

  • to follow the crowd  (phrase)                                  

To do what everyone else is doing

  • to jump on the bandwagon(noun)                          

To participate in an activity or follow an ideology that has suddenly become very popular

  • craze (noun)                                                            

Something that suddenly becomes very popular and is quite short-lived