Birthday bubbly


It was my birthday last Tuesday . I had a full-on day with classes back-to-back so I waited until the evening to celebrate.I was spoilt and treated to a glass of bubbly and smoked salmon by the canal and was over the moon  when I received a present for a six-week dressmaking course. I've always wanted to make my own clothes so it will be great to give it a go!


  • To be full-on (adj.)                        

To be very busy

  • To be back-to-back (adj.)              

Happening one after the other.

  • To be spoilt (adj.)                            

To receive more gifts or attention than normal

  • To be treated to (adj + prep)          

To be given something special

  • A glass of bubbly (noun)                

A glass of champagne.

  • over the moon (phrase)                  

Extremely happy

  • Six-week(adj.)                                  

Six weeks (note there's no 's' as it's an adjective)

  • Dressmaking (noun)                        

The craft of making clothes

  • To give smth a go (phrase)              

To try something to see if you like it