Pronunciation of 'd'

pronunciation 'd'

The pronunciation of 'd' can be difficult, especially for Spanish speakers. Remember to push the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Just listen to the audio and repeat the words and sentences. You can download the audio and listen to it on your phones. Let me know if you've got any questions.

Words with 'd' at the beginning

day, dog, dinner, dance, deer,  disappear,  date, daisy, doll, duck, dozen, dice, dazzle

Words with 'dr' at the beginning

dress, drink, drank, drunk, drape, drizzle, dry, drop, drip

Words with 'd' in the middle 

today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, idea, model, under

Words with 'd' at the end

good, include, God, need, plead, bed, head, mad, made, said, bread, child, wood, old, weekend

Here are some sentences to practise.

1. Do you want to meet up later?

2. She didn't go to work yesterday.

3. What did you do while you were there?

4. David doesn't live here anymore.

5. Did you have a good time?

6. Daniela went to the dance.

7. The dog dropped the bone.

8. Daniel rolled the dice.

9. It was drizzling on Monday.

10. Dominic drank his drink.

11. I'll do it today.

12. See you on Wednesday.

13. I've got an idea.

14. I'll have it done by Friday.

15. It's under the deckchair.

16. It was a good model so they decided to use it.

17. Did you have a good weekend?

18. Danika believes in God.

19. She said she made it.

20. He needs some food.