Skype is very convenient and you can have classes at home, in your office, in a cafe and even when you are on holiday!

You can book lessons with us Monday - Sunday.

It is important to have good internet connection and to be somewhere quiet.


save money

  learn anywhere

save time

It is a cheaper option so you can
save money. Skype classes are very
good value and as they are cheaper
you’ll be able to book more
classes and improve faster. I also
offer further discounts when classes
are booked in bulk.

Imagine being able to learn English wherever you want. Skype has the huge advantage of being able to have that choice. Students choose where they want to learn.Continue your classes while your on holiday or on work trips. You can choose the place that is best for you.

You’ll save time as you won’t need
to travel to your class. Time is precious and spending time travelling can soon add up. I actually have Italian classes through Skype for this reason and I find that I can fit the classes in around my timetable. 

How to get started...


  • Download Skype if you do not already have it.

  • Make sure you have a camera and head phones.

  • Check if your internet is fast enough for Skype video calls.

  • Add me as a contact on Skype ('skyblueenglish').

  • Book an initial class with me