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  • Let us come to where you are so that you can easily fit your classes around your schedule.

  • Having classes at home is very relaxing and people learn languages best when they are relaxed!

  • If you live or work in zone 1 or 2, we can come and teach you in your home or office.

  • Enjoy the feeling of closenss that face to face classes have and build a stronger bond with your teacher. Although online classes are very effective, it is always nicer to be with someone in person.

  • There‚Äôs also the added bonus of not having to spend time or money travelling to a class.

  • Book a trial class today!

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  • Visit museums and galleries and discuss the artwork on display with your teacher. There are so many exhibitions and collections in London, we can choose a place that really appeals to you.

  • London is full of interesting buildings and areas that are both old and new. Choose an area of London and we can discuss the history of the area.

  • Or simply talk about what you have done recently, what your plans are and tell us about a book you have read as we walk.

  • We can make notes and create an audio recording for you as we are walking