Pronunciation of the 'er' sound

er sound.png

This sound is made by keeping the tongue at the bottom of the mouth and in a relaxed position. Just open your mouth and say 'urhhh' as if you were at the doctors!

Words with 'er'

person, fern, berth, term, swerve, verse, kerb, concern, her, service, were, certain, determine, nerve

Words with 'ir'

circle, shirt, girl, stir, thirty, swirl, bird, thirsty, flirt, birthday, skirt, dirty, firm, fir

Words with 'ur'

Thursday, urban, return, turn, hurt, surface, curve, purple, curl, burn, Saturday, church, burst

Words with 'ear'

earth, earn, search, earn, pearl, heard, learn, early

Words with 'or'

word, worth, worse, work, worst, 

Words with 'eur'

entrepreneur, connoisseur


heard = herd

earn = urn

birth .= berth

fir  = fur

Here are some sentences to practise

1.  "Do you know that person?"

2. The car swerved at the kerb

3. The girl was thirsty.

4. Burt's birthday was on Thursday

5. It was worse than we expected

6.  How does it work?

7. The surface was dirty.

8. We returned early.

9. It's an urban project.

10. She had the last word

11. The lady wore a pearl necklace

12. The entrepreneur earned a lot of money

13. She's got a curly hair.

14.We heard some birds

15. It's the most beautiful place on earth.

16. Have you seen 'The Colour Purple?' 

17.How do you determine what it's worth?

18. The police searched the area.

19. Ursula curled up on the sofa and read a book.

20. He's a wine connoisseur